Aleut Real Estate, LLC currently manages and sells sand, gravel, minerals and rock aggregates as part of its subsurface rights within the region for the Aleut Corporation.

Current active quarry locations:

Unalaska, AK - Two quarry sites:  Ugadaga and Margaret Bay.  Managed by the Ounalashka Village Corporation

King Cove, AK - Three quarry sites: West Lagoon, East Laggon, and Landfill.  Managed by King Cove Village Corporation

Sand Point, AK - Two quarry sites:  Red Cove Dome and  Sand Point Knoll.  Managed by Shumagin Village Corporation 

St. Paul, AK - Five quarry sites:  Kaminista, Polovina, Telegraph Hill, Lake Hill, and Ridge Wall.  Managed by the Tanadgusix Village Corporation